OPEB Solutions

Other post-employment benefits (OPEBs) are benefits that state and local governments provide to employees at the start of their retirement. OPEBs primarily involve health care benefits but may also include life insurance and disability. Pension benefits are not considered an OPEB.

Solutions for Managing OPEB Expenses and Liabilities

Managing the long-term obligation and the annual costs of OPEB is best left to experts you can trust. Burnham & Flower can provide the resources you need to help manage and contain the expenses and liabilities associated with your other post-employment benefits.

Our OPEB services and solutions include:

  • Consulting on how to mitigate current employee and retiree benefit expenses
  • Establishing a Section 115 trust to help cover costs of OPEB
  • Completing the legal documents required to establish a funding program
  • Professional investment strategy and money management
  • Administration and record-keeping planning services
  • Providing ongoing customer service and support

For more information, contact Amber Howes at ahowes@bfgroup.com or 800.748.0554.

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