Cyber Liability

The Burnham & Flower Insurance Group offers coverage to protect public entities from cyber liability while protecting our growing dependence on technology.

Despite best efforts, a hacker may expose sensitive information about your public entity and/or the constituents you serve. Or an employee’s mistake may damage your equipment or reputation. Whatever your needs are, we can customize a cyber liability policy to the specific data, equipment and operations of your municipality.

We suggest cyber liability policies for a variety of reasons. Talk to one of our risk advisors if you:

  • Own sensitive property that could be damaged by environmental changes or computer services that could be impaired by malicious programming.
  • Store data off-site that could be compromised or destroyed.
  • Publish, advertise, telecast, or broadcast information which may result in claims of libel, slander, or invasion of privacy.

Available Coverage

  • Ransomware and Extortion
  • Theft of funds
  • Malicious Data Breach
  • Non-Malicious Data Breach
  • Malware

To discuss your cyber risk factors and find a tailored policy, contact us today!

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